In many communities across the United States, the wonderful program of the Boy Scouts of America is implemented to eliminate all barriers to entry for young men whose observance of the Boy Scouts’ 12th point of the Scout Law … “A Scout is Reverent”… includes observing the four requirements of:

  1. The Jewish dietary laws at all times (Kashrut),
  2. The Sabbath from sundown Friday to nightfall on Saturday (Shabbat),
  3. Daily prayer services in the morning and afternoon/evening (Tefila),
  4. Opportunities for ongoing religious learning (Limudei Kodesh).

In Hebrew, “Shomer Shabbat” means ‘Sabbath Observant’ — literally ‘Guardian of the Sabbath’ — and this phrase has come to describe individuals attentive to guarding the observance of the four requirements above.